Air Conditioning Maintenance Must-Do’s

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The air conditioner’s various components from fins, coils, and filters all need regular maintenance to effectively function throughout the year. Letting much-needed maintenance fall by the wayside guarantees a steady decline in the air conditioning unit’s performance, which may result in noticeable energy consumption surges.

Solace Plumbing, Heating and Air, the top name when it comes to air conditioning repair in Corona, CA, provides quality air conditioning maintenance. Here, we provide handy tips that you can practice at home to keep your air conditioning system in perfect shape.

Replace Dirty Air Filter

Air filter replacement is an essential maintenance task. Clogged and dirty filters significantly reduce air conditioning efficiency due to the restriction of airflow. It causes dirt to settle in the evaporator coil.

Fix Coil Fins

The evaporator and condenser coils are built using aluminum fins which can bend and clog the coil’s airflow. It would be best to realign bent or the crushed fins with gentle pressure using a fin tool that easily combs the fins to almost their original state as an air conditioning maintenance routine.

Check The Condensate Drain

When you see moisture puddling around the furnace with the air conditioner running, you have a clogged condensate drain tube. Air conditioning services such as condensate drain inspections and the unclogging of the drain channel can reduce moisture that can lead to various problems.

Inspect Air Dust for Excess Moisture

At the beginning of every cooling season, you should examine the lid between an air conditioner and the window casing to confirm that it is connected to the metal frame. Excess moisture can impair this seal, permitting cool air to leak from the house.

When it comes to air conditioning, a little maintenance can go a long way. Turn to Solace Plumbing, Heating and Air for all your heating and cooling needs. We’ll make sure your air conditioning unit performs at peak condition all year long. Call us or fill out our contact form today for an appointment.