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Efficient Air Conditioning Repair
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Feel comfortable indoors even during the warmer months by taking advantage of the air conditioning services available from Solace Plumbing Heating and Air. Make sure your cooling system is ready when it's needed by giving our local service pros a call.


A Full Suite of Air Conditioning Solutions

AC Maintenance
Stay cool when days and nights get warmer with our air conditioning maintenance services. Our technicians will inspect your system and let you know if anything needs adjustments or even replacement. If there's an issue, we'll make the necessary fixes.

AC Repair
Lack of cool air, uneven cycling, and leaking refrigerant are among the common cooling system issues we diagnose and resolve. When air conditioning repair in Corona, CA, is what you need, we'll be there ASAP. Our service providers will give you an honest, pre-work estimate.

AC Installation
Make confident decisions with a new air conditioning installation by contacting our seasoned technicians. We'll give you recommendations based on home size, budget, and other important factors. Our HVAC team will then get everything properly set up.

AC Replacement
Having an older cooling system and needing increasingly frequent repairs are among the reasons to consider air conditioning replacement. We'll give you an honest repair vs. replacement opinion. If replacement is the more cost-effective step, we'll guide you through the process of choosing a suitable new system.

Types of AC Systems

There are two common options with air conditioning and a few additional possibilities. The more common types are standalone window units and central air conditioning, which works by removing humidity from your home. Additional AC options include:

Heat pumps - Low maintenance and energy-efficient, heat pumps use electricity to shift warm and cool around within your home.

Ductless air conditioners - Designed for convenient use without ducts, ductless AC systems have two small units – one interior and one exterior – connected by refrigerant tubing.

Portable air conditioners - These are self-contained units that discharge hot air through a hose connected to a nearby window.

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service

Noticing signs of an AC problem should be reason enough to give us a call. Err on the side of caution and contact our HVAC company if your cooling system is:

Failing to evenly cool your home
Not producing cool air at all
Making odd noises during operation

It's also time to reach out to our local team if you're noticing frost around coils or leaks around your unit. We'll give you an honest assessment of what's going on with your cooling system so the most appropriate steps can be taken.

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High-end products and services are two of the more compelling reasons to make Solace Plumbing Heating and Air your preferred heating and cooling experts. Choose us for air conditioning service and you'll also benefit from added perks that include:

15% off any service
Prompt arrivals and a focus on quality at all times
15% off an AC service, including refrigerant
Reasonable, transparent pricing
Discounts of 15% for seniors, first responders, military personnel, and back to school teachers
15% discounts on new HVAC equipment

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Solace Plumbing Heating and Air is your all-in-one HVAC contractor in the local area. Regardless of the type of home cooling system you have, we'll get it fixed, replaced, or installed. We're also at your service for cost-effective, routine maintenance. Reach out to our team today for air conditioning solutions that address your needs right away.