Common Causes of Malfunctioning Motor Fans

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Common Causes of Malfunctioning Motor Fans

A fully-functional HVAC system is essential to stay comfortable indoors. And for your heating system to work properly, you need to ensure all of its components are in good condition. If you use motor fans, you might have encountered malfunctioning at some point in their service and probably decided to buy new ones. But even if you’re lucky enough to this point, this issue can still happen.

Being the go-to name for heating installation in Corona CA, Solace Plumbing, Heating, and Air makes sure to provide our clients with heating maintenance and repair services. In this article, we’ll discuss what causes the malfunctioning of motor fans, so you know how to deal with the heating system if a problem occurs.

Faulty Relay

An air conditioner has two fans, one on the outside to release the hot air and a blower fan in the inner unit. When any of the motor fans have a problem, the heating of the room will be disrupted and you’ll need to call for a heating repair service.

Dirty Cabinet

A dirty cabinet is also a common reason for heating system malfunctions. The clogging or breakage of your air filter might cause the formation of debris inside the cabinet, damaging the motor and making it less efficient.


Similarly, the fan motor might have burned out after working too long over the summer. The issue results from overheating during operational time. To ensure your motor fan stays in tip-top shape, we recommend biannual heating maintenance, which could prolong its service life.

Busted Capacitor

Should you encounter problems where the motor fan doesn’t start completely, don’t panic. First, check the capacitor because the issue could not be the motor itself. Sometimes the issue may simply be due to a busted capacitor which prevents your fan from starting.

Solace Plumbing, Heating and Air specializes in heating services. Whether you’re having problems with your motor fan or any other heating component, you can depend on us for reliable solutions.

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